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Our Little Sprouts: Where Young Minds Blossom in Belghoria

Empowering Every Sprout:
At Our Little Sprouts, nestled in Belgharia, we believe each child is born a curious explorer, brimming with potential. Their development flourishes in a nurturing environment where positive relationships and engaging experiences ignite joy and growth. Just like delicate flowers blooming in spring, children blossom under the care of love, respect, and opportunities for responsibility.
A Vibrant Playground for Learning:
Imagine a learning playground, filled with laughter and echoing with the celebration of individual minds. This is Our Little Sprouts! We envision a fun-filled atmosphere that sparks critical thinking, creativity, and collaboration – skills essential for our children to navigate the ever-changing world as ethical global citizens.
Holistic Development, Guided by Science:
Our philosophy is rooted in understanding the diverse ways children learn and how their brains develop. We believe every child deserves success, and our curriculum empowers them through:

  • Play-based learning: Children learn best through engaging activities that ignite curiosity, problem-solving, and social skills.

  • Critical thinking: We encourage independent thought, questioning, and exploration to nurture a love for learning.

  • Collaborative spirit: Building empathy, communication, and teamwork skills prepares them for a world of cooperation.

  • Creative expression: We celebrate artistic talents and imaginative thinking, fostering well-rounded individuals.

Partners in Growth:
Our dedicated educators are not just teachers; they are collaborators and facilitators in your child's learning journey. We believe in lifelong learning and continuous improvement ourselves, ensuring your child receives the best education possible. We value strong partnerships with parents, working hand-in-hand to support your child's development every step of the way.
Blooming Beyond Academics:
Our Little Sprouts focuses on more than just academic excellence. We strive to foster:

  • Independence: We encourage self-reliance and confidence in decision-making, empowering children to navigate the world with autonomy.

  • Intrinsic motivation: Sparking a love for learning that drives them forward, creating lifelong learners.

  • Kindness and empathy: Cultivating a sense of responsibility and compassion towards others, shaping them into caring global citizens.

Join Our Thriving Community:
Our Little Sprouts offers a safe and trusting haven where children can blossom into their full potential. Come explore our vibrant classrooms, peek into our engaging activities, and discover how we can nurture your child's unique talents. Contact us today and let's embark on this joyful learning journey together!



kids playing

We believe children are born with certain fundamental unalienable rights and that it is our responsibility as adults to honour and celebrate these rights. Children have a right:

  • to nature

  • to play

  • to get dirty

  • to scrape their knees

  • to make mistakes

  • and so many more….

We believe that children have a right to be children. Our Little Sprouts is founded on the ideal of honouring these rights of children and celebrating their childhood.


kids playing

A guide by the side, not a sage on the stage.

The heart of any high quality learning space are its educators. At Our Little Sprouts, our educators are multifaceted. Their highest calling is listening intently to children and forming genuine friendships with them. They keenly observe children to document their progress and determine appropriate moments to intervene in the child’s learning process. They are highly passionate, educated, experienced and reflective practitioners, continually working towards bettering themselves through workshops and training.

They are not just teachers, but facilitators, researchers, designers, collaborators, curators and above all curious learners themselves. Our teachers are people who feel they truly belong to a community that celebrates childhood and utterly love working with children.

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