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About Us


Our Little Sprouts: Cultivating Joyful Learning in Belgharia

Nestled in vibrant Belgharia, where curiosity blooms and laughter echoes, Our Little Sprouts isn't just a preschool; it's a nurturing haven for young minds. Founded by passionate educators who envisioned a place where learning sparks joy, we believe every child is a competent, curious explorer eager to discover the world. Just like our namesake sprouts, we cultivate their innate potential through a child-centered program brimming with playful exploration and globally-inspired best practices.

Our Commitment to Your Child's Growth:

  • Early Years Development: We nurture cognitive, social, emotional, and physical development through age-appropriate activities and a stimulating environment.

  • Playful Learning: We believe play is the foundation for learning, fostering curiosity, creativity, and problem-solving skills through engaging activities.

  • Global Best Practices: Inspired by leading educational philosophies, our curriculum seamlessly blends joyful learning with essential developmental milestones.

  • Nurturing Environment: We prioritize a safe, secure, and stimulating space where children feel loved, respected, and empowered to explore.

  • Dedicated Educators: Our passionate and experienced team creates a vibrant community where laughter echoes and imaginations soar.

  • Parent Partnership: We believe in open communication and collaboration with parents, working hand-in-hand to watch your child blossom.

Ready to Witness Your Little Sprout Thrive?

Come explore our vibrant classrooms, peek into our engaging activities, and discover why Our Little Sprouts is the perfect place for your child's joyful learning journey in Belghoria. Contact us today and let's nurture their potential together!


Neha Jaiswal

Neha fosters a nurturing environment where young minds blossom. With a background in early childhood education and a genuine passion for child development, she creates a curriculum that ignites curiosity and celebrates each child's unique potential. Through play-based learning and positive reinforcement, Neha cultivates a love of learning that sets them on a path of lifelong exploration.


Bubun Sarkar

Bubun isn't just a teacher, she's an architect of early learning experiences. With a passion for child development, she crafts engaging curriculums that nurture curiosity, exploration, and a love for knowledge. Through a blend of play-based activities, interactive storytelling, and hands-on exploration, Bubun sets the foundation for a lifelong journey of learning in her students.


Shikha Banerjee

Shikha believes in the power of encouragement. With a warm and nurturing presence, she fosters a supportive classroom environment where children feel comfortable taking risks, exploring their independence, and celebrating their achievements. Through positive reinforcement and personalized attention, Shikha helps each child discover their unique strengths and build unshakeable confidence.


Anindita Chaudhuri

Anindita understands the importance of social skills in a child's development. She skillfully guides her students through the intricacies of friendship, communication, and cooperation. Through collaborative games, group projects, and positive conflict resolution strategies, Anindita fosters a strong sense of community where children learn to celebrate differences and support one another's growth.


Riya Biswas

Riya views the classroom as a canvas for creativity. With a background in early childhood education and a playful spirit, she uses art, music, and storytelling to transform even the most basic concepts into engaging experiences. Riya encourages her students to express themselves freely, explore their imaginations, and discover the joy of creative problem-solving.


Arnaba Chowdhury Sen

Arnaba believes in celebrating every step of a child's learning journey. Through careful observations and playful assessments, she tracks her students' progress, identifies milestones, and tailors her teaching methods to meet each child's individual needs. Arnaba works collaboratively with parents to ensure a nurturing and supportive environment that celebrates each child's unique potential.

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