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We believe that children are born capable, competent and eager to learn.They actively reach out to interact with other people, and the world around them. Their development depends on each unique child having opportunities to interact in positive relationships and enabling environments. When given an environment full of love, joy, and responsibility, children blossom like flowers in the spring.


We envision a nurturing and fun-filled learning atmosphere, where children are respected for their individual minds and are cared for by competent and informed adults. Our school works actively to develop critical thinking, creativity, curiosity, and collaboration, skills that our students will need to navigate our rapidly changing world as ethical global citizens. Our understanding of the diverse ways in which the human brain engages in learning is the foundation of our philosophy. we are committed to the belief that each child can and must experience success. 

The teacher’s role, therefore, is to be a collaborator and facilitator in the learning journey of children while being committed to their own life-long learning. Parents are our partners in their child’s learning journey. 


Our Little Sprouts tries to foster independence, intrinsic motivation and kindness towards all through mindful words and actions, in order to create a safe and trusting community where self-esteem and a healthy sense of self can flourish.



We believe children are born with certain fundamental unalienable rights and that it is our responsibility as adults to honour and celebrate these rights. Children have a right:

  • to nature

  • to play

  • to get dirty

  • to scrape their knees

  • to make mistakes

  • and so many more….

We believe that children have a right to be children. Our Little Sprouts is founded on the ideal of honouring these rights of children and celebrating their childhood.


A guide by the side, not a sage on the stage.

The heart of any high quality learning space are its educators. At Our Little Sprouts, our educators are multifaceted. Their highest calling is listening intently to children and forming genuine friendships with them. They keenly observe children to document their progress and determine appropriate moments to intervene in the child’s learning process. They are highly passionate, educated, experienced and reflective practitioners, continually working towards bettering themselves through workshops and training.

They are not just teachers, but facilitators, researchers, designers, collaborators, curators and above all curious learners themselves. Our teachers are people who feel they truly belong to a community that celebrates childhood and utterly love working with children.

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