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Admission Process

     Admission to any program at Our Little Sprouts is a 2-step process.

  1. All interested and eligible parents need to fill out the Enquiry Form and book a slot for an Open House. 

  2. Attending an Admissions Open House is a mandatory part of the Admissions Process at Our Little Sprouts .

  3. Admissions Open House is a 15-minutes experience hosted during the Alloted days that involves a school tour, a classroom experience and interaction with different educators. During our Open House, we share in detail about the program and answer any questions the parents may have.

  4. Our Coordinator will also have a 5-minute interaction with each parent during the Open House before they finalise admission.

  5. The final admission decision will be communicated the following day, and selected parents will need to complete the admission formalities by that week. As such, we advise parents to attend the Open House once they are ready to admit their child. We also encourage parents to visit other schools they might be interested in and have questions in mind so that we can have a rich and spirited interaction during their visit.

ELIGIBILITY CRITERIA: April 2023 batch-The child should be born before

October 31, 2021


Thanks for submitting!

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